Company History

The company C&C Investments, Inc. now known as Carl Johnson Design Build, is family owned and operated by fourth and fifth generation Johnsons.

In the late 1800’s Alfred Johnson came over from Sweden and began the family building tradition by becoming a carpenter and ultimately a builder in the Hartford area. He helped build area cathedrals and designed and built several three deckers in the Brown Street area of Hartford.

His son, Carl V. Johnson, Senior, a graduate of the Architectural School of Design at Cornell University, became a prominent registered architect of Torrington, Connecticut. Projects included Torrington City Hall, Torrington War Memorial, Famous Yankee Peddler Inn, grocery stores, a hospital, a furniture store, a department store, various car dealerships and many private residences. In his retirement years, as he resided in coastal Connecticut, he was responsible for designing the Library Room of the Griswold Inn in Essex which is still enjoyed by travelers and tourists to this day.

After a tour of duty in the Pacific, World War II, and construction schooling, Carl V. Johnson, Junior, continued the family tradition. He immediately involved himself in building and developing throughout Connecticut. Thousands of acres and miles of streets including, a subdivision named after America’s Cup Defense “Weatherly Acres”, Carl Junior constructed hundreds of homes in numerous Connecticut towns. In fairness to our British allies a street is named after the defeated Gretle.

Carl V. Johnson III formed the company C&C Investments, Inc. in 1988 and then incorporated the company on July 30, 1992. As principal and vice president, Carl gained his early experience building with his father in Simsbury, Connecticut during the 70’s and 80’s where he built no less than 60 homes. After years of art and drafting training, college apprenticeships in all phases of carpentry and a full apprenticeship in boat building, Carl decided to marry all the skills of the family and bring to market well executed and designed buildings utilizing space and positioning to fully maximize the luxury residence. Carl’s achievements include various articles in Sounding’s Magazine for boat redesign projects and a three page color story about his Cove Court project home in RI Monthly Magazine in 2002. He currently holds licenses in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Carl Johnson IV, is, is the fifth generation to promote the family business. He majored in business at the University of Rhode Island and is active in the community with the fire department and rescue squad. He makes sure the buildings get up in a timely fashion and with all the finesse of the family's collective experience.

Mission Statement:

"To create unique environments and enhance them as often as possible and practical with the newest products available in order to give each building a distinctive personality."